9 Food Delivery Packaging Ideas to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

Food packaging is an underrated way of ensuring that customers will remember your restaurant. While it may not be one of your priorities, it can be vital to making your restaurant brand more established. Take a look at the food delivery packaging ideas below to craft special takeaway packaging.

Why is Food Delivery Packaging Important?

Before we go through different food delivery packaging ideas, let’s first understand the importance of packaging in food delivery.

Nowadays, many restaurants still find it difficult to open their doors and get more customers to dine in. Moreover, many people still do not want to eat in, even if it is relatively safe. With that in mind, as a food business, you have to come up with ways to run your restaurant even with relatively low foot traffic.

Since fewer customers are dining in, you want to draw as many people as possible to your online delivery service. And what better way to keep on generating sales than encouraging food takeaway and delivery?


One of the best ways to improve the take-out customer experience is to focus on food packaging since you can’t control most other elements like the dining atmosphere.

Excellent food delivery packaging ideas can help improve customer service. Without further ado, here are some ideas that you can use.

9 Food Delivery Packaging Ideas

1. Customizable Box

Creative takeaway food packaging is one thing that can make your restaurant stand out. At the same time, it can help attract more people to order take-out when they cannot dine in your restaurant.

One of the best ways to improve any service for your customers is by finding a way to make it personal to them. How are you going to do that with food packaging? By making it easily customizable.

There are many benefits to using a customizable box for your restaurant too. For example, a food container can transform to accommodate different food items when it needs to.

Personalize your food packaging by turning it into a collectible item featuring different designs. Encourage people to recycle the containers and show you care about the environment. You can also write your customers’ names on the packaging for an extra personal touch.

2. Food Package Designs with a Twist

You don’t need to stray too far from classic, simple food packaging ideas when looking for inspiration. You can add a single design twist or feature, making it more unique than other restaurants’ food packaging.

For example, if you offer take-out drinks, adding a straw holder to your cup holders for take-out can be a simple but significant game-changer. It’s all about putting more thought into your take-out packaging; even a small thing like that can make your packaging unique.

3. Fun Packaging

Food delivery packaging doesn’t only have to be for practical use. Having some fun with it can make it stand out, and it’s a great way of stamping your branding.

It’s especially great to have fun food packaging ideas if your restaurant is kid-friendly. The bright and colorful design can make kids want them, but it can also work on adults.

You can also create fun packaging without it being too gimmicky. The key is to ensure that the packaging can still communicate what the content is. Therefore, you should find packaging that clearly shows that it’s for the food you serve in your restaurant.

4. Edible Wrapper

One of the most exciting food delivery packaging ideas to adopt would be edible packaging. This idea is fascinating since it adds value to the business that you are operating. There are many ways you can have edible wrappers for your food.

For example, you can use them to wrap things like sandwiches or burgers. You can also have straws that are made out of something entirely edible. If you want to go the extra mile, make the takeaway cutleries edible.

The only issue with edible packaging is that it is much costlier than regular packaging. But if you have the budget, and sustainability is essential, edible packaging can be a great way to make your food packaging stand out.

5. Seed-Infused Packaging

One of the more innovative food delivery packaging solutions that have come up in recent years is seed-infused packaging.

When you have seed-infused packaging, people will be more aware of it and where they leave it. You can tell your customers that they can use the packaging to grow plants at home. That way, your packaging does not become one of the many messes polluting the environment.

6. Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you cannot go with any of the wacky ideas listed here yet, why not go for packaging that matches your restaurant’s values?

Eco-friendly packaging solutions are an excellent investment for any restaurant. Not only are you reducing the pollution that you produce, but you are also attracting people who want to be more sustainable.

An example of an eco-friendly packaging solution is one that we are already used to seeing: carton packaging.

There are many benefits to this type of packaging, as you can see in this guide to carton packaging. One such benefit would be that carton packaging or paperboard cartons are deemed eco-friendly.

7. Minimalistic Packaging

Today’s best food delivery packaging ideas are less about crowded details and more about a cohesive look.

You can find the minimalist design trend everywhere. You can see it pop up in website and logo design, so your packaging can also benefit from a minimalistic design. It will be easier to think of a design this way, making your packaging look neat and clean.

8. Personalized Packaging

When brainstorming food delivery packaging ideas, it would be best first to consider the food you serve. You need solid branding to make your packaging as personalized to your restaurant as possible.

If you own a funky bistro, you can afford to make your packaging wacky and colorful. However, suppose you own a high-end restaurant. In that case, your packaging design has to reflect that by being more put-together and minimalistic.

9. Reusable Packaging

The best packaging for food delivery is reusable because it can also be a way for you to advertise your business.

Take away food packaging ideas should bear your branding, especially when they are made to be reusable. That way, you can take advantage of the reusability to make your branding imagery more recognizable.

You can also save some money with reusable packaging because your customers can come back and reuse their packaging when they order pickup. At the same time, it’s an excellent way of becoming more sustainable in the food industry.


There are all sorts of food delivery packaging ideas that can make your restaurant stand out. You can focus on aesthetics, practicality, or both.

In addition, you can use your food packaging to promote your business’ values. For instance, using compostable food packaging means that you value sustainability. As such, you can appeal to customers who support brands and companies that love the environment.

We hope the article above has convinced you why you should invest in food packaging. Don’t be afraid to come up with genuinely unique food delivery packaging ideas; that will surely make your customers keep coming back to you.

Author’s note: this article is a guest post.